Economic Sociology: A Systematic Inquiry

Author: Alejandro Portes
Type: eBook
Date Released: 2010
Format: pdf
Language: English
Page Count: 320
Isbn10 Code: 0691142238
Isbn13 Code: 9780691142234

Review A pioneer in economic sociology, Portes presents one of the best systematic efforts in the burgeoning attempt to bring sociological inquiry to economic studies. Though economic sociologists are more than likely to be already familiar with Portes's work, the author's emphasis on theory accumulation, or 'usable theory,' as proposed by Dietrich Rueschemeyer, makes this book exceptional. . . . An exemplary combination of theoretical sophistication and methodological rigor, Portes's book is a must read for all economic sociologists. -- Choice Portes has written a fine book that presents a good case for the sociological perspective of economic processes and outcomes. -- Eric Cheney, Journal of Sociology & Social Welfare [T]he book can be fruitfully used as student's handbook to teach economic sociology, comparative political economy and sociology of development. -- Filippo Barbera, Sociologica I would . . . recommend Portesian sociology to anyone needing an intelligent, lucid and thought-provoking vision of what 'middle range' theory might offer economic sociology beyond the preoccupation with 'embeddedness.' -- Patrick McGovern, British Journal of Sociology From the Inside Flap "Portes boldly expands the repertoire of economic sociology, bringing in a diverse selection of both classical and contemporary writers who address issues such as power, the informal economy, and transnational communities in innovative and eye-opening ways. Economic Sociology illustrates many of the unique insights provided by sociologists in a field still struggling to liberate itself from the limiting assumptions of neoclassical economics."--Gary Gereffi, Duke University "The title of this volume may be misleading: political sociologists and sociologists of development, as well as economic sociologists, will turn to this book for clear and insightful expositions of major theoretical debates by one of the discipline's leading figures. Portes shows how his theoretical claims play out in the informal sector, ethnic enclaves, and transnational communities, illustrating his arguments with vivid examples drawn from contemporary scholarship."--Gay Seidman, University of Wisconsin-Madison "In this carefully crafted book, Portes brings to bear his sophisticated use of sociological theory and his vast empirical knowledge about the multiple intersections between economy and society in the contemporary world. He sheds light on such topics as economic reforms, immigration, social inequality, household consumption, and the informal economy, demonstrating the importance of social capital, institutions, and social class when it comes to understanding socially oriented economic action."--Mauro F. Guill